Radebaugh Florist

The Best Roses In Baltimore & Towson

Our firm takes great pride in selling the finest, freshest, highest quality floral products in town. The roses we sell are just one great example. We purchase many of the roses we sell, direct from floral farms in Columbia and Ecuador. Purchasing roses direct has many great advantages. Buying direct ensures that we reduce the time between when the roses are cut at the farm and when they can be in the hands of our customers. Fresher roses means longer vase life for the recipients who receive the rose arrangements we create.


Where Do Our Roses Come From

Roses grown in Columbia and Ecuador are exceptionally beautiful. These roses are known for having longer stems and large, gorgeous blooms. Because they are grown high in the mountains, they enjoy the perfect blend of moisture, sunlight and soil conditions. That combination is the secret to producing these beautiful, stunning roses.


What Types Of Roses Do We Sell

Radebaugh Florist offers several different varieties of roses. We sell gorgeous long stem roses. The Ecuadorian roses we purchase are exceptionally beautiful. The longer stems and larger blooms make for some truly breathtaking rose arrangements. We also offer beautiful garden roses. The garden roses are a seasonal product and not always available. We encourage you to check our main website or contact our floral design center to check on availability. The other variety of roses we carry are spray roses. These are some of the most frequently utilized roses. They work in arrangements for all types of occasions.