Valentine’s Day Roses From Your Favorite Baltimore Florist

Valentine's Day is just a few days away on Thursday, February 14th. This is the time to place your order with your favorite Baltimore flower shop. Here are some stunning Valentine's Day flower arrangements to gift your sweetheart this year: ONE DOZEN PREMIUM RED ROSES WITH STARGAZER LILIES This all-around floral design features one dozen red roses along with stargazer lily accents and greenery in a traditional glass vase. ROSE OPULENCE Send a luxurious Valentine's Day bouquet that contains two dozen premium long-stemmed roses in an all-around floral design. SO BEAUTIFUL This Valentine's Day bouquet features a combination of roses and carnations in numerous shades of pink arranged in a clear glass vase that's been wrapped with a satin bow. It's an all-around floral design. ROSÉ ALL DAY Send this mix of red and blush roses in a rose gold bowl with an all-around floral design. SMITTEN Here is a gorgeous Valentine's Day floral design displayed in a rose gold bubble bowl.  Flowers include Shimmer roses, Kahala roses, lavender scabiosa, and limonium in an all-around floral design. ONE DOZEN BLUSH ROSES While we have many colors of roses to choose from, this is one of the most beautiful. Your Valentine will [...]

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More Valentine’s Day Flowers Delivered on Monday This Year

We see a trend for Valentine's Day and it makes sense to us. Forecasters in the floral industry are predicting that more Valentine's Day flowers will be delivered on Monday before Valentine's Day than any other year. This year, Valentine's Day lands on a Thursday but more customers seem to be planning ahead to make sure their loved one gets their flowers for Valentine's Day instead of being disappointed that the special day is already booked with their favorite florist. And, we couldn't agree more! Here are some sweet gift ideas from our Baltimore flower shop to consider for Valentine's Day: THE LOVE BUG BUNDLE This Valentine's Day gift bundle includes a white teddy bear, an eight-ounce box of Wockenfuss assorted chocolates, and a Valentine's Day-themed Mylar balloon. This product is also available as an add-on when completing your online checkout process for Valentine's Day. CUPID'S COLLECTION This is another one of our Valentine's Day gift packages to consider for your sweetheart. It has a brown teddy bear, a 12-ounce box of assorted Wockenfuss chocolates, and three Valentine's Day-themed Mylar balloons. This product is also available as an add-on when completing your online checkout process. CHOCOLATE DELIGHT BASKET We also have numerous gift baskets that [...]

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Fresh Floral Designs For Valentine’s Day

It's just a few weeks away. Are you ready to celebrate your love this Valentine's Day? At our Baltimore flower shop and through our website, we are ready to help you with fresh floral designs for Valentine's Day. This week, we are sharing a few more of our favorite floral designs from our Valentine's Day collection that offers you a way to express your love for that special someone. SMITTEN This Valentine's Day bouquet is sure to transmit your love for your Valentine. A rose gold bubble bowl holds Shimmer roses, Kahala roses, lavender scabiosa, and limonium in an all-around floral design. TRIP TO THE TROPICS This is a bold Valentine's Day bouquet with exotic blooms like dendrobium orchids, red roses, dark blue delphinium, and stargazer lilies in an all-around floral design. PURE POETRY This Valentine's Day floral display is bursting with colorful flowers. There are 3D roses, lavender veronica, light blue delphinium, and lavender stock flowers in an all-around floral design. VALENTINE'S DAISY BASKET This Valentine's Day-themed daisy basket is a sweet gesture to show your love this year. It offers a bountiful display in an all-around floral design. If you plan on ordering a custom Valentine's Day bouquet or custom [...]

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Wow Your Valentine with Special Flowers and Gifts!

Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away so it's time to get shopping for that special someone and amaze them with thoughtful and beautiful gifts. At our Baltimore flower shop, we are ready to take your Valentine's Day order from our new Valentine's Day collection or if you would like a custom Valentine's Day bouquet. Here are some highlights to get you in the mood to get your Valentine's Day shopping done now: LITTLE LOVE This Valentine's Day floral design includes hot pink roses, pink gerbera daisies, pink scabiosa, and white mini carnations. It's a little flower arrangement that still shows a lot of love. EVERLASTING LOVE This flower arrangement makes a Valentine's Day statement. Featured in the bouquet, there are aspidistra leaves, curly willow, double stargazer lilies, dark blue hybrid delphinium, pink snapdragons, blue hydrangea, pink ballet roses, Rihanna gerbera daisies, pink alstroemeria, and lavender stock flower. VALENTINE'S DAY BEGONIA If you are looking for something different this Valentine's Day from the traditional roses, check out this Rieger begonia in a decorative Valentine's Day pot. This blooming plant is easy to care for and can go on for years, reminding the recipient of you every day. THE LOVE BUG [...]

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Houseplant Appreciation Day in Baltimore

Today is Houseplant Appreciation Day, a day to recognize and appreciate the value of green, indoor, and blooming plants for our homes, offices, and ourselves. There are health benefits from the way they purify the air and make it easier to breathe. That means we could all use a few more in our lives, especially those low-maintenance options for anyone that thinks they don't have a green thumb. Our Baltimore flower shop offers a plant collection that includes all types of green and blooming plants that you can order for yourself or someone else, shipping locally or across the country like these options: DISH GARDEN This dish garden includes numerous green plants in a decorative dish or you can choose other containers like a faux stone oval container. The plants included are subject to availability. SUCCULENT CANOE BASKET While we have numerous types of canoe basket arrangements, including many with blooming plants, this is a unique canoe basket that features an assortment of succulent plants. LEMON LIME DRACAENA This is an ideal plant for homes and offices because of its vibrant green look and its easy-to-care-for requirements. SERENE RETREAT This sublime basket includes many types of green plants that can be replanted [...]

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Practice Random Acts of Kindness with Floral Gifts

As the new year gets underway, one of your resolutions might have been to practice more thoughtful and kind gestures for those around you. After all, it feels good to be good to others and know you are helping or cheering them up. Whether it is a phone call, lunch, or small gift like a bouquet of flowers, these random acts of kindness don't have to be about a specific occasion like a birthday. Instead, they can be about making up for a bad day or a just because surprise. Our best-selling flower collection has some great ways to show this kindness: THE BIG CRUSH This floral design has a mix of premium flowers, such as stargazer lilies, hot pink roses, blue hydrangea, white snapdragons, and purple delphinium. BALTIMORE STARLET This floral masterpiece showcases stargazer lilies, hot pink roses, and seasonal greenery in a glass vase. PORTRAIT IN PURPLE Designed to emulate an impressionist painting, this floral design features hues of purple, blue, and white among the many featured premium flowers. MODERN BLUSH BOUQUET This flower arrangement includes hydrangea and roses in a blue glass cube vase, using an all-design floral display. GARDEN GIRL BOUQUET This is a hot pink bouquet that [...]

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Ringing in the New Year with Festive Flowers

As Christmas passes, it doesn't mean the fun is over. There are still more holiday parties and events in the works all of which require careful planning and attention to the details. That includes celebrations for New Years. At our Baltimore flower shop, we can offer you custom centerpieces and flower arrangements for New Years or you can choose from those in our holiday collection: GOLDEN GALA Add some sparkle to your holiday event party tables with a centerpiece that features red roses, white lilies, and gold accents.  It offers an all-around design so everyone seated at the party table has a stunning view. WINTER WONDERLAND BOUQUET This vase arrangement is perfect for small parties for New Years or for the dining table. THOMAS KINKADE'S SNOWFALL DREAMS BOUQUET Add a special arrangement of red roses and fresh winter greenery to your main holiday table along with this keepsake hand-painted Thomas Kinkade sculpture with a light-up covered bridge.  It features an all-around design. CATALINA This is a sublime floral display for events. It has white 'Zambesi' lilies, peach/pink 'Trust' roses,  magenta Sweet William, white veronica, mini green hydrangea, green Aralia leaves, and ornamental lily grass. DREAMS FROM THE HEART BOUQUET For an [...]

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Christmas Gift Ideas For All Those Special People Who Helped All Year Long

During this season of giving, don't forget about all those special people throughout the year who helped out. That includes teachers, colleagues, personal trainers, clients, friends, and service personnel like house cleaners, pool techs, and mail carriers. Our Baltimore flower shop has gifts and flowers that are sure to delight all these special people on your nice list. Here are some holiday gift ideas from our Christmas collection: HOLIDAY MAGIC This petite holiday arrangement is displayed in a keepsake decorative Christmas ball. POLAR EXPRESS The collectible train is filled with mini carnations, holiday greenery, winter berries, and pinecones. A HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS BASKET Your recipient is sure to love this indoor or outdoor hanging basket that's filled with evergreens. BOXWOOD TREE A fresh cut boxwood is decorated with plaid mini bows, faux berries, and decorative Christmas balls. It's a perfect gift to display on a table top. CHRISTMAS ORCHID Send holiday wishes this year with a long-lasting, low-maintenance orchid plant that arrives in a decorative red ceramic pot. GOLDEN GLOW CENTERPIECE (SILK) This silk centerpiece includes Christmas balls and gold accents and can be used for years to come. HOLIDAY CHEER SLED (SILK) This silk flower arrangement has an all-around design. [...]

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Celebrating the Holidays with Poinsettia Day

Poinsettia Day is Wednesday, December 12th, which offers a special way to kick off the holiday season. As the symbol of Christmas, the red poinsettia plant offers a festive touch for a home or office. In red, white, or mixed, the poinsettia plant is also a wonderful gift for those around you, such as teachers, service personnel, colleagues, customers, and more. Our Baltimore flower shop is filled with Christmas spirit, including plenty of poinsettia plants that you can order in our florist location or through our website. POINSETTIA IN A CERAMIC POT This poinsettia arrives in a decorative ceramic pot. You can choose from two plants that are branched with 10-12 blooms or three plants that are branched with 15 to 17 blooms. POINSETTIA CANOE BASKET Enjoy this holiday canoe basket full of red and white poinsettia plants. It's great for a table display for the holidays. PIXIE IN A POT This is a small red pixie poinsettia plant that is displayed in a festive ceramic holiday-themed pot. It is the ideal size for a desk or small end table. POINSETTIA TREE This poinsettia display is a great addition to a holiday event or party because of its impressive stature. It [...]

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Decorate For Christmas with Our Baltimore Flower Shop!

It's time to decorate the inside and outside of your home for the holidays, and we want to help you create a magical wonderland for your family and guests. Our Christmas collection has something for everyone -- from wreaths and garlands to tabletop Christmas trees and centerpieces to holiday bouquets. Here are some highlights to get you started with decorating: COUNTRYSIDE SLEIGH RIDE BOUQUET A keepsake red sleigh makes for a wonderful gift that can be continually used for every holiday season. There are fresh, seasonal flowers in Christmas colors displayed in the sleigh, making it ideal for a holiday table centerpiece. MIXED EVERGREEN TREE This fragrant decoration for Christmas includes an assortment of mixed evergreens designed to look like a small tree. Faux berries and frosted pine cones provide a festive touch. This is ideal for a holiday party or a special gift.  CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS WREATH We have many styles of wreaths to choose from or you can have a custom wreath made. Our Traditions Wreath is made from fresh noble fir and features evergreen, berries, and pinecones as well as a red velvet bow.  It measures 26" in diameter. GREEN AND BLOOMING COUNTRY BASKET This basket makes a nice gift. [...]

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