Welcome to the Start of Radebaugh Park!

We are excited to announce that the county finally had a groundbreaking ceremony on August 28th for the new park that will go on the property we sold to them.

It will aptly be named Radebaugh Park, and we couldn’t be more proud as long-standing community members and business owners here in Baltimore.

It’s taken more than three years of planning and community advocacy, but the park is moving on to its next stage in Towson’s Aigburth Manor neighborhood.

It will be a 3.76-acre park, which is big enough for people to walk around versus offer athletic fields.

This is a testament to the community partnership our family has had over the last four decades as well as the local county government to create good things for our neighborhoods and local community members.

While there were challenges along the way, we figured them out together and got to where we all wanted in the end.

In an interview for the local newspaper, Kaitlin Radebaugh, a co-owner of the Baltimore flower shop business, said, “I think our grandfathers would be very excited to see a park for the community in our name. We very much realize that we’re a business operating in a residential area, and we’re happy that we can give something back to the community.”


We’d like to thank all of our customers and the local community for their support and for those of you who came out for the groundbreaking ceremony. When the park is ready to open, we will, of course, share that news with you!
Until then, we are getting ready with fall flowers to showcase and the holidays just around the corner, so it’s a busy time of year for us. We look forward to spending it with you and being part of the memories you continue to create for your friends and family.
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