What Does Your Sweetheart Prefer on Valentine’s Day?

Some people love flowers on Valentine’s Day while others are pleased with chocolates. Then, there are still others that are happy to get both.

The good news is that we can help you no matter what your sweetheart wants. That’s because we have a little bit of everything for Valentine’s Day.

First, let’s go with the chocolates and other types of gifts that are great to hand out on Valentine’s Day.


This Valentine’s Day gift bundle includes a plush white teddy bear, an eight-ounce box of Wockenfuss chocolates, and one Valentine’s Day mylar balloon.  


This is a slightly bigger gift bundle for your sweetheart. It contains a brown teddy bear, a twelve-ounce box of Wockenfuss chocolates, and three Valentine’s Day mylar balloons.  

Both of these can be bought separately or they can be added on to your flower order for Valentine’s Day.

Then, there are the flowers for Valentine’s Day like these beauties:


Not every Valentine’s Day bouquet has to be about red flowers. This one proves that beauty and love come in all colors. There are shades of lavender, blush, and white arranged in a deep purple vase.  Flowers include seasonal favorites, such as light pink roses, lavender stock, pink alstroemeria, and white Cremones.


This is a traditional way to show you love someone on Valentine’s Day. It contains two dozen premium long-stem roses. You can select red or any other color we have available.


This luxurious Valentine’s Day arrangement includes stargazer lilies, hot pink roses, blue hydrangea, white snapdragons and purple delphinium. It’s another beautiful way to show your love.


This vibrant Valentine’s Day floral design showcases dark blue delphinium, red roses, blue hydrangea and light purple alstroemeria. It’s a stunning way to extend your feelings to that special someone for this holiday of love.

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As you can see, we have a little bit of everything for the Valentine in your life. Whether you want to do sweets and other gifts, flowers, or both, we have you covered. Call or visit our Baltimore flower shop today to order now. You can also use our convenient website ordering form to get your Valentine’s Day shopping done!

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