Celebrating the Arrival of Fall and Indoor Plant Week

The third week of September is National Indoor Plant Week as well as the start of Fall on September 23rd. These are opportunities to send a beautiful natural gift like a floral bouquet, garden basket, or flower arrangement. Here's what our Baltimore flower shop has to offer: Let's start with some indoor plants: DISH GARDEN This dish garden features a wide range of indoor green plants in a decorative container.  There are many types of containers and plants to choose from based on the season and availability. SERENE RETREAT Enjoy this lush garden basket of green indoor plants that are easy to care for and are long-lasting. It's perfect for a home or office space.  SPATHIPHYLLUM IN A BASKET This blooming plant offers the best of both worlds -- bright green leaves and snow-white blossoms. SUCCULENT GARDEN IN 10" TERRACOTTA BOWL A large terracotta bowl holds small succulent plants that require little water or maintenance. FALL FLOWERS Then, there is our new fall flower collection. We'll be featuring it over the next few weeks but here are a few of our favorites from our team at our Baltimore flower shop: AUTUMN SPICE A rustic wood drawer serves as a container [...]

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Welcome to the Start of Radebaugh Park!

We are excited to announce that the county finally had a groundbreaking ceremony on August 28th for the new park that will go on the property we sold to them. It will aptly be named Radebaugh Park, and we couldn't be more proud as long-standing community members and business owners here in Baltimore. It's taken more than three years of planning and community advocacy, but the park is moving on to its next stage in Towson’s Aigburth Manor neighborhood. It will be a 3.76-acre park, which is big enough for people to walk around versus offer athletic fields. This is a testament to the community partnership our family has had over the last four decades as well as the local county government to create good things for our neighborhoods and local community members. While there were challenges along the way, we figured them out together and got to where we all wanted in the end. In an interview for the local newspaper, Kaitlin Radebaugh, a co-owner of the Baltimore flower shop business, said, "I think our grandfathers would be very excited to see a park for the community in our name. We very much realize that we’re a business operating [...]

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National Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 9th

There's still time to send your grandparents a special gift for National Grandparents Day, which is Sunday, September 9th. This is the time to let them know how much you love and appreciate them for what they have done for you. Here are some grandparent gift ideas from our Baltimore flower shop: THE BIG CRUSH This best-selling flower arrangement has stargazer lilies, hot pink roses, blue hydrangea, white snapdragons, and purple delphinium. BALTIMORE STARLET This floral design features stargazer lilies, hot pink roses, and seasonal greenery in a glass vase. SWEET SYMPHONY Numerous shades of pink, red, white, and purple offer a beautiful bouquet that includes roses, lilies, and other seasonal flowers. It stands nearly two feet tall. PICK-A-LILY This bouquet keeps the summer going with a mix of yellow and pure white lilies in an all-around floral design. PUREST LOVE A couture vase holds white lilies and other gorgeous seasonal white flowers to show your grandparents some special love. TWO ASTER PLANTS IN A BASKET Your grandparents may also love a gift of blooming plants like these purple and blue aster plants that arrive in a large basket. KALANCHOE CANOE BASKET A large vibrant kalanchoe canoe basket features four bold colors. ORCHID [...]

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Celebrating Labor Day and Planning For Back to School

Labor Day is Monday, September 3rd. This is a three-day weekend for many people to celebrate the work ethic that this country has been built on. This is traditionally also the last weekend before the kids go back to school, which makes it the unofficial end to summer for most people despite autumn not arriving for a few more weeks. To get you ready for a special Labor Day barbecue and to gift this year's teachers, we've put together some summer floral gift ideas available in our Baltimore flower shop and through our website: BRIGHT DELIGHT A cobalt blue vase holds summer flowers that include roses, delphinium, lilies, gerbera daisies, and hydrangea in an all-around floral design. SUMMERTIME EXCURSION Bold colors define this festive bouquet that showcases orange roses, sunflowers, blue hydrangea, lilies, and gerbera daisies in rainbow hues.  This includes green, purple, orange, yellow, and magenta. BOLD & BEAUTIFUL This stunning bouquet features blue delphinium and hydrangea, red roses, and purple liatris in an all-around design. BRIGHTLY BLOOMING This sunny favorite has an all-around design and includes yellow lilies, green carnations, and other bright favorites arranged in a ginger jar. PATRIOTIC PETALS Even a patriotic arrangement is a great idea [...]

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Celebrate Friendship Week

The third week of August is officially Friendship Week. It's the opportunity to let all your friends know how much you appreciate them, including the fun times and the support when needed. Take the time to go out with friends. Or, if they are farther away, call them or send a special gift so they know how much they mean to you. Besides friends, there are some other people to pay respect to during this third week of August. This includes the older generation on Senior Citizen's Day, which is August 21st. Then, there is Kiss and Make Up Day on August 25th, which gives you the opportunity to settle a disagreement with a friend or family member. Our Baltimore flower shop has a wide range of great gift ideas for all these August occasions: RAY OF SUNSHINE Cheerful sunflowers are a highlight of this special bouquet, which also contains roses and deep blue delphinium. SIESTA KEY This summer bouquet features tropical blooms and premium flowers, including pink dahlias, Carbella garden roses, white veronica, yellow lilies and lavender scabiosa. BORA BORA This one-sided floral design offers pink, lavender, magenta, and burgundy hues among flowers that include scabiosa, lilies, Veronica, Sweet [...]

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Celebrate National Romance Awareness Month and National Smile Week with Flowers

August has been designated National Romance Awareness Month while the second week of this month is also National Smile Week. That means you are tasked with adding more romance to your relationship. Plus, smile more and encourage others to do the same. In achieving you both, you will add more positivity to the world and those around you plus make a real difference in others' lives. One of the best ways to achieve both tasks is through flowers, which add so much happiness no matter who you are. At our Baltimore flower shop and through our website, we offer these floral gift ideas for more smiles and more romance: ENCHANTED ROSES Enjoy a mix of pink, peach and white roses along with heather and green hydrangea accents. PUREST LOVE Go for elegance and romance with this snow-white bouquet that combines hydrangea and lilies in a Couture vase in all around design. SWEET DESIRE This serene floral display offers white roses, lilies, and hydrangea in a natural bamboo vase as part of a one-sided floral design. BOLD & BEAUTIFUL Go for a brilliant and bold expression of your love with this arrangement, featuring blue delphinium and hydrangea, deep red roses, and [...]

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Flowers for Teachers and the New School Year

Although Baltimore schools don't start until September 4th, it's still a good time to plan out some special teacher gifts so you start the new school year out right and let them know how much you appreciate what they are doing for your kids. Here are some special teacher gift ideas that you can pick up or have delivered from our Baltimore flower shop: RAY OF SUNSHINE This is a great way to celebrate summer and the start of school. The bouquet has sunflowers, roses, and deep blue delphinium.  It features an all-around design. SIESTA KEY This bouquet has vibrant and tropical blooms. The all-around design features pink dahlias, Carbella garden roses, white veronica, yellow lilies, and lavender scabiosa. THE HAMPTONS Featured flowers in this summer bouquet include yellow lilies, pink dianthus, solidago, orange roses, white ranunculus and billy balls.  It also has an all-round floral design.  BRIGHTON BEACH This brilliant floral display has an all-around design and features blue hydrangea, peach roses, orange snapdragons, dark blue delphinium, lavender stock flower, sunflowers, hot pink dianthus and pink alstroemeria. ANTIGUA This Caribbean design showcases light blue hydrangea, yellow calla lilies, orange lilies and Sweet William in all-around design. WEEKEND GETAWAY This sublime, all-around [...]

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Exclusive Floral Designs Available For International Day of Friendship

July 30th is International Day of Friendship, which is the perfect opportunity to let your friends near and far know just how much they mean to you even if you don't tell them all the time. One way you can do this is to send some beautiful flowers that express your feelings for them like these bouquets and flower arrangements y0u can order from our Baltimore flower shop or through our website. Here are some of our exclusive floral designs: LOCAL LOVE This all-around floral design features locally grown zinnias from Helen's Garden and sunflowers from Flowers by Bauers.    CORAL REEF Here is a colorful floral display with Zelmyra lilies, coral and pink roses, white Monte Casino, and green mini hydrangea in this all-around floral design. THE HAMPTONS This sunny bouquet offers yellow lilies, pink dianthus, solidago, orange roses, white ranunculus, and Billy balls. SIESTA KEY This summer bouquet bursts with colorful tropical blooms. There are pink dahlias, Carbella garden roses, white veronica, yellow lilies and lavender scabiosa. MOONSTRUCK Send a vibrant bouquet with blue and red blooms arranged in a cobalt blue cube vase.  Feature flowers include dark blue delphinium, red roses, blue hydrangea and light purple alstroemeria. THE [...]

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Most Popular Flowering Baskets in Baltimore

In our Baltimore flower shop, we offer some of today's hottest floral designs as noted by our customers who regularly tell us what they would like to see and have available for gifts, decor, and special events. One of the hottest floral trends in Baltimore is flowering baskets, which provides a beautiful way to enjoy nature anywhere and have a long-lasting arrangement to admire. Here is what we offer that reflects this big floral trend: ALL BLOOMING CANOE BASKET Our blooming canoe baskets are a unique item that fits well inside or outside. They contain seasonal blooming plants in a variety of colors. LARGE RIEGER BEGONIA CANOE BASKET Begonias are available in a bright array of colors. TWO RIEGER BEGONIAS IN A BASKET Two vibrant six-inch Rieger begonia plants arrive in a wicker basket with Spanish moss. Colors are subject to availability. GREEN AND BLOOMING COUNTRY BASKET Another trend is to combine seasonal green and blooming plants in one beautiful basket. This one accomplishes that and offers one of our larger basket arrangements. RICHMONDENSIS BEGONIA HANGING BASKET This is a begonia hanging basket with colorful hanging blooms and vibrant green, waxy foliage. This low-maintenance plant is intended for shady areas. [...]

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July Celebrations in Baltimore Call For Flowers and Gifts

July is full of special days that celebrate family, which is a value we treasure very much in our business. July offers Parent's Day on July 22nd, Cousin's Day on July 24th, Aunt and Uncle Day on July 26th, and Father-in-Law Day on July 30th. To help you celebrate these special July days, we've put together a gift guide from our floral and gift collections to illustrate that we have something for everyone: TREASURES OF MARYLAND BASKET Your recipient will be sure to enjoy these tasty treasures that are unique to Maryland. The gift basket contains Utz Crab Chips, Hawk's Hill Cheese, Popsations Popcorn, Berger Cookies, Ottobein Sugar Cookies, Zekes Coffee, Wockenfuss Chocolates, and Toffee. NUTS ABOUT YOU Get this gourmet gift basket for the nut lover in the family. It offers peanuts, cashews, pistachios, trail mix, a Wockenfuss Rocky Road and three different candy bars. CANDY EMERGENCY This gift features a keepsake fire engine container filled with goodies like candy, crackers, pretzels, and more. DISH GARDEN This dish garden offers a mix of green plants displayed in a faux stone oval container. SUCCULENT GARDEN IN 10" TERRACOTTA BOWL A terracotta bowl holds small-sized succulent plants.  Succulent plant assortment is subject to [...]

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