Celebrating Thanksgiving with a Centerpiece

Thursday, November 22nd is Thanksgiving, a special fall holiday where we give thanks and make memories with family and friends over a delicious feast. To help you plan for this event or to provide gifts you can take to the host where you will spend Thanksgiving, our Baltimore flower shop has put together a Thanksgiving collection that includes numerous centerpieces. These centerpieces are an easy and beautiful way to decorate for Thanksgiving plus make wonderful gifts when you are traveling to someone else's home for this holiday. Here are some Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas for this year: HARVEST MEDLEY This cornucopia centerpiece is a festive Thanksgiving table decoration.  Flowers include sunflowers, blackout lilies, Atomic roses, burgundy mini carnations, silk leaves, and Jack-Be-Little pumpkin.  It fits medium to large dining tables. GRAND GATHERING This all-around Thanksgiving centerpiece for a large table has Shocking lilies, red Torando Cushions, bronze Lexy buttons, chocolate Queen Anne's lace, sunflowers, silk leaves, and thistle. ESSENCE OF AUTUMN Set the Thanksgiving table with this elegant centerpiece. The rustic rectangular tin container holds Mango Calla lilies, yellow yarrow, orange ranunculus, sunflowers, magic pumpkin hypericum berries, and burgundy amaranthus. WOODLAND WONDER This fall flower arrangement is great for small or medium tables. [...]

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Frightfully Good Deals for Halloween Flowers and Fall Decor

Halloween is creeping up on us. In fact, it's just a few days away on Wednesday, October 31st. There's still plenty of time to plan your fall decor for your home or office or get ready for that festive Halloween event. Our Baltimore flower shop has some frightfully good deals on fall flowers and Halloween bouquets like these: WARM FALL WISHES This autumn flower arrangement features roses and alstroemeria in a keepsake ceramic pumpkin that makes a great decoration to pull out each year. THE PRIZE PUMPKIN BOUQUET This is a fresh pumpkin bouquet made from Atomic orange roses, orange lilies, safari sunset lilies, red gerbera daisies, and other fall favorites. It features an all-around design. PUMPKIN SPICE This fall flower arrangement arrives in a decorative rustic tin container and has Atomic roses, burgundy mini carnations, Madera cushions, solidago, wheat, and a Jack-Be-Little pumpkin. RUSTIC RADIANCE A fall-themed vase arrangement showcases red roses, magic pumpkin hypericum berries, purple aragon disbuds, thistle, smokebush, and safari sunset lilies. RUSTIC WOODS BOUQUET This rustic fresh flower bouquet features an all-around floral design along with seasonal accents and fall-hued blooms. JACK-O-LANTERN FALL MIX PLANTER Another great idea for Halloween as a gift or decor is [...]

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Baltimore Homecoming Flower Ideas

Now that fall has arrived, the Baltimore high schools are getting ready for the annual tradition of homecoming, bringing together alumni and current students for a football game and dance. To help get you ready for the homecoming dance, our Baltimore flower shop offers a wide range of homecoming flowers, including corsages and boutonnieres. Here are some of the available options: CYMBIDIUM ORCHID WRISTLET This is an exotic cymbidium orchid corsage that goes well with a modern homecoming dress. WHITE SWEETHEART ROSE WRISTLET This is a beautiful and elegant choice for homecoming. The White Sweetheart Rose wristlet has white roses and an accompanying accent flower with black gem band. YELLOW MULTI-FLOWER WRISTLET For something bright, consider this yellow multi-flower wristlet with accompanying accent flowers and greenery. WHITE SWEETHEART ROSE WRISTLET & DELPHINIUM WRISTLET This combines two beautiful flowers in shades of white and blue. There is a white sweetheart rose and blue delphinium displayed as a wrist corsage. The combination of colors adds interest and coordinates well with a solid color homecoming dress. PEACH SWEETHEART ROSE WRISTLET This sublime homecoming corsage offers a soothing peach color among its rose and seasonal greenery display. Each of these homecoming corsages has a [...]

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Celebrating October Events with Special Flowers and Gifts

October is more than just the month of Halloween. There are special days throughout the month to remember where you can take the opportunity to show others in your life just what they mean. First, you can start with your boss on Bosses Day on October 16th. Then, there is Sweetest Day, which is an opportunity to do something nice for others in your life. Finally, if you have a mother-in-law, there's a special day for her on October 28th. To help you recognize these special October events, check out our gift collection found at our Baltimore flower shop and through our website: THE PRIZE PUMPKIN BOUQUET A ceramic pumpkin keepsake container displays atomic orange roses, orange lilies, safari sunset lilies, red gerbera daisies and more in a beautiful all-around design. TWO ORCHID PLANTS IN A CERAMIC POT Another great gift idea is two orchids plants arranged in a ceramic pot with Spanish moss. Orchid colors and container colors are based on availability. FRUIT AND GOODIES This delicious gift is great for a boss or anyone else. There is plenty of fresh fruits. Plus, we've added in many gourmet treats, too! ADIRONDACKS From our fall flower collection, this floral bouquet showcases atomic roses, [...]

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Think Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is the time of year that we make an effort through various events in Baltimore to raise awareness about breast cancer and raise money for research and other organizations that help with the fight against breast cancer. It's also an opportune time to remember those we have lost but also those fighting and winning the battle against breast cancer.  Your friends and family may need extra support, and this is the time to provide that so they know you are there with them fighting against breast cancer. At our Baltimore flower shop, we have many pink flower arrangements that help you Think Pink for an upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness event you are planning this month or any gift you want to send loved ones: A LITTLE PINK ME UP This bouquet of pink flowers is sure to provide cheer and support to your loved one in need of it. A SPECIAL DAY This cake is made of flowers and may be the perfect way to commemorate an anniversary of beating breast cancer! BALTIMORE STARLET This floral design contains stargazer lilies, hot pink roses, and seasonal greenery in a glass vase. BEAUTIFUL WHISPER This pastel [...]

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Gift Ideas For National Good Neighbor Day

Our neighbors are often the defining factors in whether the neighborhood is secure and enjoyable. Working together, everyone does their part to take care of their properties. Sometimes, our neighbors need help. And, other times, we haven't taken the time to get to know our neighbors. That means September 28th is the right time to get started because this is National Good Neighbor Day. Here are some gift ideas for small ways to show your neighbors just how much you appreciate them: PLUM POTPOURRI This monochromatic fall design from our newest fall collection of flowers offers deep purple and burgundy blooms.  There are smoke bush, shocking lilies, Kahala roses, burgundy amaranthus, and deep purple disbuds. PANSY TUB Gift your neighbor with a green thumb this vibrant assortment of pansies planted in a decorative pot. Colors are subject to availability. TWO MUM PLANTS IN A BASKET There are two eight-inch hardy fall mum plants arranged in a wicker basket with Spanish moss. The color may be subject to availability. COMBO PLANTER WITH FALL MIX A decorative wooden barrel contains mums, asters, pansies, and hardy cabbages. The plant assortment is subject to availability. Larger sizes are also available as a custom order. GREEN AND [...]

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Celebrating the Arrival of Fall and Indoor Plant Week

The third week of September is National Indoor Plant Week as well as the start of Fall on September 23rd. These are opportunities to send a beautiful natural gift like a floral bouquet, garden basket, or flower arrangement. Here's what our Baltimore flower shop has to offer: Let's start with some indoor plants: DISH GARDEN This dish garden features a wide range of indoor green plants in a decorative container.  There are many types of containers and plants to choose from based on the season and availability. SERENE RETREAT Enjoy this lush garden basket of green indoor plants that are easy to care for and are long-lasting. It's perfect for a home or office space.  SPATHIPHYLLUM IN A BASKET This blooming plant offers the best of both worlds -- bright green leaves and snow-white blossoms. SUCCULENT GARDEN IN 10" TERRACOTTA BOWL A large terracotta bowl holds small succulent plants that require little water or maintenance. FALL FLOWERS Then, there is our new fall flower collection. We'll be featuring it over the next few weeks but here are a few of our favorites from our team at our Baltimore flower shop: AUTUMN SPICE A rustic wood drawer serves as a container [...]

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Welcome to the Start of Radebaugh Park!

We are excited to announce that the county finally had a groundbreaking ceremony on August 28th for the new park that will go on the property we sold to them. It will aptly be named Radebaugh Park, and we couldn't be more proud as long-standing community members and business owners here in Baltimore. It's taken more than three years of planning and community advocacy, but the park is moving on to its next stage in Towson’s Aigburth Manor neighborhood. It will be a 3.76-acre park, which is big enough for people to walk around versus offer athletic fields. This is a testament to the community partnership our family has had over the last four decades as well as the local county government to create good things for our neighborhoods and local community members. While there were challenges along the way, we figured them out together and got to where we all wanted in the end. In an interview for the local newspaper, Kaitlin Radebaugh, a co-owner of the Baltimore flower shop business, said, "I think our grandfathers would be very excited to see a park for the community in our name. We very much realize that we’re a business operating [...]

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National Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 9th

There's still time to send your grandparents a special gift for National Grandparents Day, which is Sunday, September 9th. This is the time to let them know how much you love and appreciate them for what they have done for you. Here are some grandparent gift ideas from our Baltimore flower shop: THE BIG CRUSH This best-selling flower arrangement has stargazer lilies, hot pink roses, blue hydrangea, white snapdragons, and purple delphinium. BALTIMORE STARLET This floral design features stargazer lilies, hot pink roses, and seasonal greenery in a glass vase. SWEET SYMPHONY Numerous shades of pink, red, white, and purple offer a beautiful bouquet that includes roses, lilies, and other seasonal flowers. It stands nearly two feet tall. PICK-A-LILY This bouquet keeps the summer going with a mix of yellow and pure white lilies in an all-around floral design. PUREST LOVE A couture vase holds white lilies and other gorgeous seasonal white flowers to show your grandparents some special love. TWO ASTER PLANTS IN A BASKET Your grandparents may also love a gift of blooming plants like these purple and blue aster plants that arrive in a large basket. KALANCHOE CANOE BASKET A large vibrant kalanchoe canoe basket features four bold colors. ORCHID [...]

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Celebrating Labor Day and Planning For Back to School

Labor Day is Monday, September 3rd. This is a three-day weekend for many people to celebrate the work ethic that this country has been built on. This is traditionally also the last weekend before the kids go back to school, which makes it the unofficial end to summer for most people despite autumn not arriving for a few more weeks. To get you ready for a special Labor Day barbecue and to gift this year's teachers, we've put together some summer floral gift ideas available in our Baltimore flower shop and through our website: BRIGHT DELIGHT A cobalt blue vase holds summer flowers that include roses, delphinium, lilies, gerbera daisies, and hydrangea in an all-around floral design. SUMMERTIME EXCURSION Bold colors define this festive bouquet that showcases orange roses, sunflowers, blue hydrangea, lilies, and gerbera daisies in rainbow hues.  This includes green, purple, orange, yellow, and magenta. BOLD & BEAUTIFUL This stunning bouquet features blue delphinium and hydrangea, red roses, and purple liatris in an all-around design. BRIGHTLY BLOOMING This sunny favorite has an all-around design and includes yellow lilies, green carnations, and other bright favorites arranged in a ginger jar. PATRIOTIC PETALS Even a patriotic arrangement is a great idea [...]

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